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Kentucky Grass-Fed Beef | Brookview Farm
Brookview Beef provides our local Lexington, Kentucky community with a healthier alternative to corn-fed beef. Brookview Beef does not contain added hormones, antibiotics, or other drugs.
Brookview Beef | Lexington Kentucky Devon CattleBrookview Farm of Kentucky | Organic, Grass-Fed Beef


Thank you for your interest in Brookview Beef from Brookview Farm, located in Winchester Kentucky. Brookview Farm is Lexington Kentucky's premier registered Devon cattle farm, raising grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

BROOKVIEW BEEF is rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin E, Beta- Carotene, and Vitamin C and offers you more “good” Omega 3 fats. Studies show CLA, also present in grass-fed beef, help in the fight against cancer.

BROOKVIEW BEEF does not contain added hormones, antibiotics or other drugs.

Grass Fed Beef | Brookview Farm Kentucky

Most importantly, BROOKVIEW BEEF is healthy, natural and delicious. We achieve this by grazing our Devon cattle solely on pasture, rotating through small paddocks from birth to finish. Unlike many popular breeds developed for the feedlot system, our Devon cattle produce tender, well marbled beef on grass alone which promotes the welfare of our animals and the health of our land.

Brookview Farm provides local delivery to Winchester, Lexington and surrounding areas and is featured in various restaurants in and around Lexington, KY. Brookview Beef is Kentucky's choice for natural and delicious grass-fed beef.

Call or Email Jenny and Douglas Owens, Owners of Brookview Beef, to place your order! Phone (859)421-1939 jenny@brookviewbeef.com 

Grass Fed Beef | Brookview Farm Kentucky





• Ground Beef $6.99 (2 pound packages)

• NY Strip Steaks $20.99

• Ribeye Steaks $20.99

• Top Sirloin Steaks $12.99

• Filets $32.99

• Whole Beef Tenderloin $32.99

• Flank Steak $13.99

• Flat Iron Steak $13.99

• Shoulder Roast $5.99

• Sirloin Tip Roast $5.99

• Chuck Roast $5.99

• Rump Roast $5.99

• Tri Tip Roast $7.99

• Brisket $9.99 

• Short Ribs $6.99

• Stew Meat $7.99 (1 pound packages)

• Marrow Bones $5.99

• Suet $5.99

• Ox Tail $5.99

• Beef Liver $5.99

• Beef Tongue $6.49 

• Beef Heart $5.99

All prices subject to change without notice



Grass-Fed, Organic, Registerd Devon Cattle from Brookview Farm

Brookview Beef | KY Grass-Fed Beef Farm | Registered Devon Cattle | Winchester Kentucky

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