About Us

Brookview Beef was set up around two decades ago to assist cattle farmers in maintaining a sustainable farm business as well as help avoid direct beef subsidies.  The company was originally set up in in order to ensure that there was enough supply of organic beef to the southern part of the country. As time went by, business started picking up, kick-starting a major extension plan. This led Brookview Beef to expand the farm to be able to keep up with the demand for grass fed beef from all over the country. In fact, the company also started receiving requests for its organic milk and meat from other countries. This led Brookview Beef to set up a branch outside the country as well.

Each of Brookview Beef’s farms is managed by professionally qualified experienced staff to ensure that the cattle are kept under hygienic conditions at all times. In fact, scientific studies have shown that cattle that are raised in hygienic conditions tend to produce better quality milk. An inspection is held every day to ensure that the dairy and meat products are of the top most quality. There is also an onsite lab where the research staff conducts their daily experiments to check the bacteria level for each batch. This helps the farm maintain the quality level of the products. Brookview also uses top of the line transportation methods to transport these perishable items to different parts fo the country.  Take a look through our gallery to find out more about the techniques and methods implemented at Brookview Beef farms.