Health Benefits Of Grass-fed Beef

We are organic farmers located in Winchester, Kentucky. Our aim is to provide our customers with good beef free from antibiotics, hormones, and other harmful drugs. Natural and delicious beef is obtained by grass feeding the cattle. Cattle are grazed entirely on pasture during their entire life on the farm.

Benefits of grass-fed cattle and how we implement completely organic farming techniques. 

More omega-3 fatty acids

Studies have proved that grass fed beef nutrition consists of more omega-3 fatty acids and larger amounts of conjugated linoleic acid(CLA) compared to grain-fed beef. Beef is one of the best protein foods, but what prevents it from being used widely is the more amount of harmful fats in it. But a significant increase in omega-3 fatty acids makes it healthy and safe.

Fights cancer

CLA is a necessary component in the diet for excellent health. These acids have properties to prevent cancer, a life-threatening disease which has become so widespread these days. CLA is also effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. The CLA derived from beef is unique because most of the anticancer materials are of plant origin. The efficiency of beef derived CLA is also better compared to the others.

Increases heart health

You may have heard in your whole life that beef in not good for your heart. But we are here to correct your thought. Our grass-fed beef is actually good for your heart. The reason is that grass fed beef has less unhealthy fat and dietary cholesterol. It has higher levels of heart-healthy CLA, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants like Vitamin E, which is efficient in fighting heart diseases.

Blood Sugar improvement

Healthy fats play a vital role in keeping optimal blood sugar level. Higher amounts of CLA results in improved insulin sensitivity and also leads to increased protein molecule IRS2 which helps in mediating the effects of insulin on the body. Grass-fed beef is an abundant source of healthy fats and CLA and thus helps in blood sugar improvement.

Having explained the health benefits, now let us move on to how we implement the complete grass feeding methodology.

Trained employees

We have an excellent team to take care of cattle rearing. The farm management requires dedication, patience and hard work. Cattle are free to roam around and feed on fresh grass and hay. It is easy to feed cows grains and other stuff, but natural grazing under supervision requires effort. Strict instruction is given that cattle should be treated kindly and humanely. 

We have training programs for our employees, and we also conduct additional programs such as yoga sessions to improve their efficiency and skills. The yoga classes had received some really genuine positive feedback from our staff; so we went forth and set up a permanent yoga room stocked with excellent gadgets bought from credible online dealers like Gaiam, and even sites like

Now that you are aware of the health benefits of grass-fed and hormone-free beef, why not try to include it in your diet once in awhile? You can visit online resources such as to know more about the healthy organic options available.

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