An Overview On Cattle Pasture Management

A successful dairy producer has to keep two factors in mind, the farm and the cattle. The better the pastures the healthier the cows. To be a good environmental land steward it is important to take cattle pasture management into account. Some tips include:

All Things To Know About Pasture Management

·         The land stewards have to satisfy the habitat and nutritional requirements of the farm. The financial realities of the ranching business have to be scrutinized before spending money. It helps to limit unwanted expense and profitability to put an end to cost control.
·         The ecological principles have to be understood by the farm owners. As successful managers they need to understand the climate, flora and fauna interaction and take decisions to capitalize on the conditions. The plant selections, understanding the soil can make a big difference to the production. The soils is full of life and the biological components like water cycle, nutrient cycles and more are responsible to drive the system.
·         Many regard land as a commodity and abuse it. It is important to respect land and see it as a commodity to where we belong. Once we find this connect it is easier to maintain the conservation ethics.
·         The best way to attain your objectives is to maintain the records and monitor the situation. Studies reveal that only 15 to 20% monitor their produces and forage. This indicates that more than 80 to 85% are unaware of their forage needs. Successful producers take efforts to monitor rainfall, body condition, forage and classify livestock based on their reproductive stage. They also analyze the market tendencies. Once they have all the statistics they trigger the process to attain their goals.
·         There are risk takers who keep an open mind and are willing to consider different methods to improve their farm. They adapt to new technologies and are ready to implement new methods on a part of their business. Most of the time they are willing to absorb new ideas and concepts. The risks are based on the experience, intuitions and knowledge. But remember these are on a limited basis. There are some who seldom risk and operate within their safety limits.
The best way to divide your pasture land is to start with rotational grazing within electric fencing. For fencing it is important to use electric polywire as it allows speed of rotation to grow the plants. When the moisture is at its peak the grasses grow quickly and then slow down during hot season. The plants grow faster in the summer and in the winter the growth is inactive and grazing can hurt the roots as the plants are dormant. Grazing is beneficial as it removes the old leaf and gives scope for fresh growth when the spring comes in.

The benefits of rotational grazing include:

·         Enhanced soil fertility
·         Tighter spacing of plants
·         Quick manure breakdown
·         Promoting new plants through hoof action
·         Improved production
·         Grass can be stockpiled during winters for grazing
Sometimes people allow their animals to graze twice the normal rate per acre. The best way would be to start on rotational grazing.

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