Getting Your Dairy Farm Milk Production Business Off The Ground

Starting a dairy farm requires research, considerable investment, and compliance with regulations. It signifies that initiating the process can’t be done light-heartedly. When done the right way, a milk or milk product business has the potential to be hugely successful because milk never goes out of demand. Moreover, as the world grows conscious of fitness and health, dairy products have become a key ingredient of every meal.

Steps To Begin A Dairy Farm Business

  •    How to start planning a milk business?
A dairy is similar to any other business. It requires research before setup and a precise business plan. The business plan will be mandatory for:
o    Getting loans from investors
o    Give you an understanding of what needs to be done
The plan should encompass every small and substantial element of the business and should span a period of three years. Some of the factors that can be included are:

o    What is the capital requirement of the dairy farm?
o    What is the size of land needed? For example, a shelter for 100 cows will be different from the one with 200.
o    Is there a need for an Artificial Insemination centre?
o    Finding a suitable veterinarian.
o    How to find the finances to buy cows?
o    How much labour will be required?
The business plan must also include aspects such as fodder for the cattle, milk extracting machinery, manure control facilities, plumbing equipment, and pasteurizing department.
  •    Getting an FSSAI License for milk business
The one crucial part of a business plan for a milk company is the FSSAI license. A dairy which has a license proves to its consumers that the milk and milk products they produce and sell are:
o    Wholesome
o    Superior quality
o    Safe for consumption by humans as set by industry standards.

Under the Food Safety and Standards Act comes the Milk and Milk Products Regulations. These regulations are specified rules and regulations that every milk business has to follow. It is compulsory for companies that deal with milk to get this FSSAI license if the turnover is over 12 lakhs in one financial year. For those under this turnover, only an FSSAI registration is necessary.

How does the FSSAI License help the milk business?

The new law mentions the microbial standards that need to be complied with while producing milk and milk products. When a dairy follows the process of hygiene and food safety criteria, they keep all food safety risks at a minimum. It means that customers trust the business to sell only top-notch milk and its products.
The easiest method of getting an FSSAI License for milk products is finding help from experts. They have the know-how on what it takes to expedite the process and can guide you on the same. Make the smart decision, rope in professionals and get an FSSAI permit for your dairy farm!


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