Know The Common Feeds For Dairy Cows

Livestock like goat, cow, are raised for the milk which is consumed by humans. Dairy cows are mainly raised for their milk. It is important that the milk from the dairy cow should be nutritious. Thus farm owners offer the right mix of feeds for the cattle. The farm owners mainly grow most of the feeds for the dairy cows. Nutritionists suggest offering some of the essential feeds for the dairy cows so that they produce a large quantity of milk, which is nutritious.

The following are the conventional feeds for dairy cows.

Grass is an important feed that offers energy to the dairy cow. Lots of energy is required for the dairy cow for the supply of nutritious milk. Farmers find it easy to grow grass and corn as the local temperature is ideal for the growth of grass. Thus the grass offered to dairy cows is nutritious and offered the required energy to the dairy cows. Grasses are available throughout the year as they can be stored wet and dry. Thus you can feed the cow with grass all year round.

Farm owners can feed both dry feed and wet feed with the help of grass grown in their local farms. Dry feed are the dried out grass which is cut into hay bales and offered to dairy cows. Wet feed is a mixture of dry hay and fermented barley or oats.  The right dry feed mixture is chosen based on the type of dairy cow you raise. Nutritionist and Vet recommend the perfect dry feed mixture for your cattle.

Dairy cows require carbohydrates for their growth. Grains are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins which help to increase the milk supply of dairy cows. This particular dairy cow feed makes your livestock healthy and strong.

Salt, which is an important electrolyte contains some of the essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D. These are required to improve the blood flow and aids in digestion.

A Perfect Mix Of Feeds:
Dairy cows are picky eaters, and thus, it is essential to offer the cattle the perfect mix of feeds.  Offer the feed which is favorite for the cattle. Therefore it is always good to provide a mixture of dry and wet pastures which contains the required minerals and vitamins.

The above information on dairy cows would help to grow your cattle healthy and increase milk production.

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