Diet Of Cows- It’s not That Simple

Unless you have worked on a farm or a ranch, it is highly unlikely that you will be aware of the things cows eat. A large number of food items that they consume might surprise most people. You might guess that a substantial portion of their diet comprises hay- and you would not be wrong. Cows are fed a decent amount of soy.

Some things are obvious
The good old corn also remains one of the most viable food options for cows in today's era. However, apart from the evident stuff, as stated above, there is a lot more, which can be surprising to many. If you continue reading, you will get to know about some of the most unbelievable but straightforward stuff that dairy farmers, as well as ranchers, feed cows.

Sawdust to surprise you
Well, many cows in ranches across the US eat a substantial portion of sawdust. The fact is that it has a considerable amount of carbohydrates which can prove to be nutritious. At the same time, sawdust contains traces of lignin, which can have some adverse effects.

Digestion can be troublesome if sawdust does not get rid of lignin. So, the commercially made sawdust for cow feed does not have lignin. As a result, it is safe for cows to eat. Many manufacturers use nitric acid to get the job done.

Candy to ensure energy levels are high
Ranchers and dairy farmers feed a lot of corn to their cows to keep them healthy. Now, when the price of corn goes up, they may find it challenging to continue feeding cows with the required amount of corn. So, how do they solve the problem? Ranchers start giving considerable portions of gummy worms and hot chocolate mix, among other things to ensure that cows are high on energy. They put on weight and stay healthy for the dual purpose of beef and milk production.

Seafood byproducts for the protein
Cows need a decent amount of protein in their diet. So, if your ranch is located near the sea, then you may consider feeding your cows with stuff like crab guts. This practice is unbelievably common and useful. At the same time, you do not have to worry about the extra costs because you can get these products at a cheap rate. Chicken shit is another unusual food item for cows all over the US. It is practical from the dietary and economic point of view in equal measures.

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