Getting To Know Diseases Spread By Cattles & Their Preventive Measures

Cow Which Affected By Zoonotics Disease in Severe Stage.

Highest Productivity By Learning How To Prevent Zoonotics In This Article.

A disease that can be spread from human to animal and vice versa is called a zoonotic disease. Farms that deal with animals like cattle and poultry are at a high risk of zoonotics. A medical advisor from shared some meaningful and practical advice on how to prevent these diseases from spreading. 
  •    How can zoonotics spread?

An animal or human can acquire a zoonotic disease in several ways. Some of the conventional methods through which they spread are:
o Via oral ingestion.
o Through insect transmission.
o Via air known as an aerosol.
o By direct contact with the disease.
o Through contact with an inanimate object that shelters the infection known as fomite transmission.

  •    What are the common zoonotic diseases?

The number of diseases that come within zoonotics is immense, but there are a few which are highly prevalent. They are:

o Anthrax
o Brucellosis
o Cryptosporidiosis
o Dermatophilosis
o E. coli
o Giardiasis
o Leptospirosis
o Listeriosis
o Pseudocowpox
o Q fever
o Rabies
o Ringworm
o Salmonellosis
o Tuberculosis
o vesicular stomatitis

Image which shows a veterinarian prevents the infection from transferring to animals.

  •    Why do we need to prevent zoonoses?

When we prevent farm animals from being infected:
o They yield more and increase the productivity of the farm.
o They do not infect other animals.
o They do not contaminate the people with whom they come in contact.
The same reasons apply when it comes to preventing humans from infected with zoonoses.

  •    What preventive measures to take for zoonoses?

There are three types of preventive measures – one that prevents the infection from transferring to animals; the second prevents from humans being infected, and the third works on both. This article focuses on how to prevent animals from catching a zoonotic disease. Check this reference to zoonoses control and veterinary public health

To understand the prevention of zoonoses, one has to comprehend how they spread in animals. They can happen if an infected animal comes in touch with another, an animal comes in contact with contaminated substances, the infection is airborne, in food or water; the mother transfers it to the baby animal or via mating.

Ways to Reduce Zoonotic Diseases

o Healthy animals are not in close contact with sick animals.
o Keep separate towels, blankets, saddles, feed bowls, and other equipment for the fit and the infected animals.
o Utilise mosquito repellents in the stables.
o Diseases that spread through mating can be prevented by insemination because they check the sperm for diseases before injecting it into a female animal.

Prevention of zoonotics can be done at various levels and by many methods. The ones described above are the most popular and effective strategies. An example will make it clearer. Ringworm, zoonotic, can infect an animal even through something simple like rope or saddle. Therefore, using cleaning equipment is crucial.


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