The 2 Biggest Risks On Cattle farms & Their Solution

Herd of cows standing and eating hay in cowshed on dairy farm
Any business that deals with livestock has to consider a number of risks. While the shelter and food for the cattle are the biggest, even tools and machinery need to be kept an eye on. Simple safety measures and routine maintenance can ensure daily operations run seamlessly. When you fail to consider even the tiniest issue, it can trigger a chain reaction that leads to the entire business shutting down. It is why it is necessary to know what are the risks involved with cattle farms and strategize to avoid them.

Farm Safety - Risks and Hazards

In this article, we take a look at the two biggest dangers that come hand in hand with livestock business and the solution to them.

1. Loss of Power

A power failure has been the downfall of many farms. Every cattle farm relies heavily on machinery and equipment to either store a product or preserves it. For instance, dairy farm stores milk in tanks. Loss of power, even for a short duration, equals to a considerable quantity of milk getting spoiled, which means loss of revenue. Did you know that spoilage is the primary concern of all poultry and milk businesses in summers?

How does a cattle farm or any similar business mitigate this risk? The answer lies in power backups with reliable inverter battery dealers. A robust and reliable power backup ensures that when there is no electricity supply, the machines and equipment keep working. Hence, there is no spoilage and therefore, no loss of finances.

Image which showing that the Herd of cows eating hay in cowshed on dairy farm.

2.   Fire
The second biggest threat livestock farms face is fire. Every farm, by its very nature, is highly flammable because it is chock full of straw, hay, etc. All of these substances are akin to kindling to fire. The feed for animals, their bedding, and other debris pile up. Even a small spark to them can start a blazing fire turning the whole farm out of commission. Check this to know how to reduce wildfire risks by using cattle

Ergo, with so many fire hazards around how to make sure that the risk is lessened? Proper and frequent maintenance is the crucial first step. Check all fuel tanks and if they are in disrepair, change them. All electrical equipment used in wet areas should be adequately insulated. Wherever there is a pile of debris, clean it periodically. A haphazard workplace is also a fire hazard; therefore, keep the shelter organised.

Some other areas to consider are:
  • Get rid of rodents that can chew on wires and cause a fire.
  • No equipment should be overheated.
  • Spontaneous combustion of hay 
The risk connected to cattle farms is not limited to fire and power loss. There are many, many more, but these two should be the chief concern, especially no electricity supply. Be prepared for them.

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